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We encourage students to apply for as may scholarships as possible to help reduce the costs of post-secondary.  There are countless scholarships available to students and unfortunately, many go unclaimed because students don't apply.  A great way to find scholarships is to sign up to and receive free information about scholarships that students qualify for. 

Scholarship opportunities can be found in many different places.  Looking for scholarships offered by institutions where students wish to apply is usually a good starting point.  Students coming out of high school are eligible for early enrollment scholarships or scholarships pertaining to their area of interest.

Below are some links to websites with information pertaining to scholarships offered as well as a list of scholarships available (click the button for the list).

Alberta Scholarship Program

These provincial scholarships and awards are offered by the Government of Alberta and administered by Alberta Student Aid.  Visit for more information.

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship



Scholarship information supplied by the ALIS website.  If you type a keyword or indicate with the drop box that you are a high school student, it will sort the scholarships "somewhat."  Click on each scholarship link to see the specific criteria of the scholarship offered.


The "Tradesecrets" website sorts grants, bursaries and scholarships according to specific trades.

Scholarships specific to Post-Secondary Institutions

Student Loan information can be found at​

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