Expectations of Students

The East Central Alberta Catholic Schools exist to help students learn.  To create a learning environment, the teachers and the student must work together and have an attitude that supports this activity.  Helping students learning requires the dedication and cooperation of all.

Student expectations are summarized in the School Act as follows:

The School Act States:

A student shall conduct himself so as to reasonably comply with the following code of conduct:


  • be diligent in pursuing his studies

  • attend school regularly and punctually

  • cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the board to provide education

  • programs and other services

  • comply with the rules of the school

  • account to his teachers for his conduct

  • respect the rights of others

Expectations of Parents

The schools proudly proclaim that parents are the first and primary educators of their children and that parents are partners with school staff in planning, delivery and assessment of the school program.

This proclamation creates expectations and actions for both parents and the school.  The school staff will open to parent input both individually and as a group.  As such, the process is set up so that parent concerns can reach the staff especially administration.  Staff concerns, responses and activity will be communicated to an individual or the group as is appropriate.

Expectations of the Staff

Board policy states three major expectations of its staff, in particular, its professional staff.  It expects staff to provide leadership to learning activity.  A second expectation is leadership in the moral and Catholic dimension of schooling especially by modeling lifestyle and through example.  The third major expectation is the effective, efficient management of the schooling process.  The School Act identifies the following teacher expectations:

The School Act states a teacher, while providing instruction or supervision, must:


  • provide instruction competently to students

  • teach the courses of study and education programs that are prescribed, approved or authorized pursuant to this Act

  • promote goals and standards applicable to the provision of education adopted or approved pursuant to this Act.

  • encourage and foster learning in students

  • regularly evaluate students and periodically report the results of the evaluation to the students, the students' parents and the board.

  • maintain, under the direction of the principal, order and discipline among the students while they are in the school or on the school grounds and 

  • while they are attending or participating in activities sponsored or approved by the board subject to any applicable collective agreement and the teacher's contract of employment, carry out those duties that are assigned to the teacher by the principal or the board.

Teachers are not just purveyors of facts.  They are coaches, facilitators of learning.  They help students to think, to research, to be critical and ask questions, to challenge, to analyze and to have the technical competence to achieve this.

The board expects its teachers to have a vision of their Catholic identity, a personal spirituality and an intellectual understanding of the faith with accompanying practice.

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