Choosing a Vocation

Vocation Prayer

Almighty and ever living God.

My dear and most loving Father.

I know and I can feel how much you love me.

Based on that love and knowing that you always want the best for me,

I ask you to guide my life to reach the vocation for which you have created me.


I offer you my life and my will.

I promise to allow you to guide me and form me as you have planned.

I know that in accepting and doing your will

 is where my happiness and success resides.


Please give me the wisdom

to recognize your hand in all the circumstances of my life

and the courage to act upon the opportunities that you will present to me.

Help me to be humble and to acknowledge that everything good comes from you.

Grant me the grace to be always grateful

and to live a joyful life of service and love for you and others.


I ask you all this in the name of your most beloved Son,

 Our Lord Jesus Christ,

who always knew His vocation as Saviour of the world

and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

 One God,

 for ever and ever.




Guidelines for Choosing a Vocation


The most important and essential element in discerning a vocation, whether it be religious or secular, is prayer.

Prayer is often overlooked when making a career decision. This is surprising. If we really believe that God has designed us with a purpose, it is only logical that we would ask Him to also guide us to discover what that purpose or vocation is.

Prayer does not have to be boring or complicated. Talk to God as you would talk to your friends.  He is your best friend, and Father , and is always willing to hear you and to help you. He said so in the Gospel of John 14:13 "Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son".

Prayer is a dialog. When you talk to somebody who is less knowledgeable than you in a subject, you usually do a great deal of the talking. When you talk to someone who knows as much as you do, there is usually an interchange of ideas and both people share equally the time talking.  When you talk to someone who knows a great deal more that you, you only ask the question and allow this person to do most of the talking. Well, if  this all knowing person is God, and you address Him with your questions, you better be ready to listen. 

God answers all prayers, invariably. He may do it in His own time, or the answer may not be what we want or expect, but He always answers. Even, when we think He is not answering, He is answering by His silence and showing you that perhaps what you are asking for is too far out from what He wants for you.

Prayer must come from the heart. It needs to be founded on Faith. You must believe that you will receive an answer in order for prayer to be effective. In the gospel of Luke 17:6 we read; "If you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you". Faith is an act of will; it has nothing to do with feelings or emotions. According to Saint Augustine, wanting to believe is believing already.

God is all goodness and love. He would never want you to choose a career or a vocation that is immoral or intrinsically evil. Listen to your conscience. God gave you this innate capacity to be able to discern good from evil. It is your responsibility to educate the gift of your conscience in the ways and will of God. Doing this will make your process of vocational discernment so much easier and clearer.

On the same subject, living a moral and righteous life will allow you to not only be more attentive and sensitive to God's will. Living this way will help you to recognize anything evil or immoral that may distract you from your chosen path and jeopardize your chances of being successful at what God wants you to do. Stay firm in your beliefs and trust in God's protection and love for you.

I do not know anybody in this age to whom God speaks to directly. Most often, God answers prayers in the circumstances and events of our lives. Nothing happens by chance... there is always a plan. Divine Providence is God's intervention in the lives of people. It is always active and guiding us in everything that happens to us.  You must meditate on these events and try to recognize God's hand in everything. Again, pray about these events, that God may reveal His intentions and plans to you. Do not be impatient. Part of the process of discernment of vocations under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is the exercise of patience. Patience is one of the seven virtues inspired by the Holy S the exercise of patience spirit, and therefore acquired and cultivated through the exercise of prayer.

Everything happens within God's time, not our own. Be reassured, that as long as you are trying to live up to what God wants you to do, you are doing your part. The rest is up to Him who created you and loves you more that anybody ever will.

The secret to have a joyful life is always doing the will of God. Sadness and frustration come from the not getting what we want. If we always want the same things that God wants, we will never be disappointed, being that God always gets away with what He wants. He is God, all powerful and all knowing, how cannot we trust Him.

 I wish and pray that whoever is reading this introduction, and is trying to discern their vocations and future according to the will of God, may be helped by the intercession of Our most beloved Lady, The Virgin Mary and all the angels and saints. 


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