PowerSchool Portal Quick Facts

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When you first login to PowerSchool you will default to the first student you associated with your account. Here are some starting tips to help you navigate the information presented.


Please note that each school may have several reporting periods showing. R1 R2 R3 and M1 M2 M3 etc are usually interim reporting periods and grading represented by these show grades up to the end of that reporting period. S1 / S2 are used for end of semester or end of year.

At the beginning of the year the same mark may appear in all displayed terms depending on how the teacher has their grade book setup - this is normal as grading is cumulative throughout the year/course. EG. R1 ends on Oct 31 for some schools - and you are viewing grades on Oct 31 - R1, R2 (if displayed) and S2 all show the same mark BUT on November 10 when new grades are added R2/S2 will show the more current grade.


This tab shows the current grade (either a number for percentages or a letter for OUTCOMES based grading) the student is receiving in that course or subject. 

Attendance for some junior and all senior high courses is shown by COURSE. For elementary and some junior high classes attendance is taken in the morning (indicated by an AM Attendance 'course') and in the afternoon (indicated by a PM Attendance 'course')

ANY BLUE TEXT is clickable for more details on that data - clicking on a GRADE will take you to assignment details for that term.