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STEP 1 : Connect to Portal / Select Create Account


Clicking this link will open an NEW TAB or Window depending on your browser settings. This way you can follow the steps and click back to this page to work your way through the sign up and login process.

CHOOSE the CREATE ACCOUNT TAB to make a new master account.




Create your MASTER account. You need to fill in:

  1. Your First Name
  2. Your Last Name
  3. An email address that you want associated to this account for password resets and subsequent scheduled reports that you select
  4. Choose a username (you will use this to login to the system)

    *** Lots of people like to use their EMAIL for a username as an easy way to remember the username - this is usually OK on our system so go ahead ***

  5. A Password (Follow the prescribed password rules listed in the form!)
    Please note that the form lets you know how secure your choice is AND you need to enter it a second time!


STEP 4 : Associate Students

You will now associate all students in your family that you want to manage with this account. Please note that for EACH student you will use the CONFIDENTIAL PARENT ID and PASSWORD assigned to you. This information is usually on the top of the letter you were given

DO NOT USE THE STUDENT ID and PASSWORD that is designated for you to give to that child for their own login. This information is usally on the bottom of your PowerSchool welcome letter.

Choose your RELATIONSHIP to THIS student - there is a long list please do your best to select what BEST describes your relationship to this student.

Complete similar information for each student (you can do up to 7 during your initial sign up and add more once you login for the first time)


  • Using the wrong ID and Password (use the one assigned to the PARENT in the letter)
  • Enter your child's name as it appears in the letter!

STEP 5 : Review and Confirm

Once you have completed all your master account information and student information you will scroll to the bottom of the page and click enter. If all information is accepted and the account is created, along with the appropriate student associates you will be returned to the login page and can then proceed to use your selected USERNAME and PASSWORD to connect to your student's data. PLEASE TEST THIS to ensure it's working.

If the system reports an error you need to fix the issues AND you need to re-enter any passwords (for your master account and student accounts) then click enter again.

If you believe you have entered everything correctly you may need to contact the school office to confirm that your ID and Passcodes are correct.

Common errors include:

  • Using an email already registered with the system
  • Not entering student names as the appear in the sign up letter
  • Forgetting to enter a password (especially after correcting an issue)

Please review all your information before you call for assistance.